Outdoor Fireplaces and Kitchens

Given the beautiful weather that we’re lucky enough to experience in the North Dallas / Fort Worth Texas area, is it really any surprise that outdoor living spaces are increasing in popularity? From entertaining space to cooking areas, homeowners are looking to extend their homes into their yards as much as possible by making good use of their green space. One great way to do this is to create an outdoor fireplace or kitchen! These additions help give you functional and attractive backyards that can entertain guests and family alike for almost any occasion.

Is concrete a good option for outdoor fireplaces and kitchens?

Concrete is a somewhat misunderstood building material whose reputation has suffered somewhat by its pervasive use in commercial sidewalks and parking lots. When people picture concrete, they tend to see something bland and one-dimensional – something quite plain and practical but not necessarily customizable. In reality, concrete is an excellent building material for both the durability it provides as well as the level of control it offers users over its finished appearance. Whether you are looking for a natural appearance with a little visual interest added in or would rather opt for an intricate pattern, concrete can work to meet your needs.

At Prater Concrete, we offer six different custom finishes to help our clients achieve their vision:

  • Acid Stain. Concrete combined with an acid wash to create interesting and beautiful custom finishes, including some that can mimic natural stone or marble in appearance.
  • Broom Finish. Basic concrete finished by running a broom over the wet surface to give the final, dried appearance some visual interest while also offering non-slip protection.
  • Exposed Aggregate. Varied natural stone aggregates are exposed to air by removing the top layer of dried concrete.
  • Float and Trowel. Concrete finished with a variety of arcs and swirls to provide both visual interest and extra grip safety when walking over the surface.
  • Salt Finish. Concrete that was dried with salt crystals embedded inside that were then dissolved using a power washer to create a unique appearance.
  • Stamped Concrete. Concrete that combines color, pattern, and design to create beautiful stamps in all manner of sizes and themes.

Concrete and Outdoor Cooking

In addition to being greatly customizable, concrete is great for outdoor fireplaces and kitchens! The material is incredibly durable and will withstand all manner of wear and tear. It is an excellent option for outdoor spaces and particularly for spaces that are likely to see a lot of foot traffic and use over the years. We are happy to offer our customers expert installation and cost-effective options for outdoor concrete spaces. We have been providing expert customer care and service for over 20 years and would love to help design your outdoor fireplace or kitchen.

We offer complimentary on-site estimates and would be happy to work with you and answer any questions you might have.