Concrete Pools and Jacuzzis

Summertime is considered by many to the be the best time of year! It’s often comprised of lazy days, tasty food, and trips to the pool or beach. Once the season starts rolling around it is time to take a good look at your pool or jacuzzi – or your plans to build one – and ensure that it looks as great as it functions. With that in mind, have you considered using concrete to help create the appearance and function you need while also increasing your pool or jacuzzi’s durability? It’s okay if you haven’t – we’re here to tell you why this is perhaps the best option available!

Why choose concrete for your pool or jacuzzi?

When you think about creating the perfect backyard oasis, concrete might not be the first material that comes to mind. When it comes right down to it, however, concrete is an excellent option for a wide array of needs. Thanks to its affordability and highly customizable appearance, this particular material can meet the needs of many customers. This is especially true when it is applied by experts! The team at Prater Concrete has been helping customers in the North Dallas / Fort Worth Texas area for decades and can help create the perfect jacuzzi or pool for your space.

Finally, concrete is durable, cost effective, easy to maintain, and can be altered to suit even the most eye-catching designs.

Personalize Your Concrete

At Prater Concrete, we understand that your property and its design elements are important to you. That’s why we’re proud to offer a total of six custom finishes to help you create the aesthetic of your dreams. These include:

  • Broom Finish. A simple finish created by running a broom over wet concrete.
  • Salt Finish. A visually interesting finish created by dissolving salt crystals from hardened concrete.
  • Stamped Concrete. A beautiful finish that incorporates pattern, color, and design to create a uniquely personal aesthetic.
  • Exposed Aggregate. A finish created by removing the top layer of concrete and exposing the natural stone aggregates inside.
  • Acid Stain. A finish that can dramatically transform the appearance of your concrete and even mimic natural stone or marble.
  • Float and Trowel. Characterized by wide swirls and arcs, this finish is a visually pleasing one that works in a wide array of designs.

As you can see, there are many different options at your disposal to aid in creating the appearance you want for your property. Our custom concrete finishing service can really help your pool or jacuzzi stand out from the crowd and wow your friends and family this summer.

For more information about how Prater Concrete can help you design the perfect pool or jacuzzi for your space, reach out to us today! We’re committed to offering only the best in customer service and are always happy to speak with potential clients. We also offer complimentary on-site estimates to help determine the best and most affordable options for your needs.