Concrete Hard Stuff

Concrete Hard Stuff

When it comes to creating a beautiful and cohesive outdoor space that functions well and looks fantastic, there are many different materials that might come to mind. Many people think that options like marble are the best when it comes to providing the luxurious and durable finish they’re looking for. In actuality, concrete is an incredible option that can help you create almost any look you’d like while providing long-lasting durability and cost effectiveness. When you’re hoping to create an environment that is practical as well as aesthetically appealing, it is likely that an experienced team like the one at Prater Concrete can help you find the right concrete option to perfect your vision.

Different Finishes

One of the best elements of concrete is just how customizable it is. It might not seem like it at first – after all, the material quickly hardens into something immovable. Before that happens, however, there are a wide array of options to transform its final appearance. Prater Concrete offers clients six different finishes, and we’re happy to say that they run the gamut from practical to elegant:

  • Broom Finish. Broom finishing is a simple and functional finish that is often used on sidewalks in residential areas. It is not a fancy option, but it is an easy and effective one.
  • Salt Finish. This finish is particularly eye-catching without necessarily drawing attention away from its surroundings. Salt crystals are pressed into wet concrete and then dissolved once the concrete has hardened. A visually interesting surface is left behind.
  • Stamped Concrete. If you are looking for a concrete option that is both eye-catching and intricate, stamped concrete might be the way to go. This finish consists of design, pattern, and color all woven together to create customized concrete finishes for your needs.
  • Exposed Aggregate. Concrete is composed of a variety of stone aggregates. An exposed aggregate finish, then, is one where they have been exposed by removing the top layer of concrete. The result is both aesthetically pleasing and slip resistant.
  • Acid Stain. Did you know that you could achieve the luxurious look of marble with concrete? Acid stain is a finish that produces many beautiful, luminous patterns and appearances from concrete, including mimicking other materials like marble and wood.
  • Float and Trowel. A particularly popular option, a float and trowel finish is often characterized by swirls and arcs in the finished surface of harden concrete. The appearance of these can change depending upon the tools and technique used.

Why choose concrete?

As you can see from above, concrete is an incredible option for creating the perfect appearance for your property. Whether you are looking for something that looks elegant and expensive or are hoping for something a bit subtler, the experts at Prater Concrete can help! We are happy to work with our customers in the North Dallas / Fort Worth Texas area to create the perfect concrete finish for their specific needs.