Arbors & Patio Covers

Functional and attractive outdoor spaces have always been an important part of home ownership for many, however the popularity of pairing practical elements with decorative elements has increased over the past few years. Today, it is relatively common to want to create an outdoor space that is as aesthetically appealing as it is useful. With that goal in mind, it is important to invest in the best and most cost-effective option at hand. That’s where the experts at Prater Concrete and Deck Masters come in! We can build you a long-lasting structure that will withstand wear and tear and look great doing it.

Cost-Effective Construction

One great aspect of concrete is its price. While natural stone or marble could set you back quite a bit financially, concrete is a cost-effective option that offers many people the chance to design their very own backyard paradise without breaking the bank. From patio covers to arbors, concrete can be used to create incredibly beautiful decorative elements as well a more practical aspect to your backyard. That means that you can invest in one material and one expert installation team, cutting down on time, as well as the financial investment.

Customizable Concrete

You might wonder if concrete can truly be used to create something aesthetically pleasing in your backyard. Given that many people view concrete as a basic material, that question makes sense. It should be noted that concrete is actually highly customizable and can be altered to suit your specific needs. That means that if you want to change its color, its finish or even its pattern or design, you can do so. At Prater Concrete, we think that you can achieve some pretty amazing things with concrete. That’s why we offer six custom finishes to help our customers turn their backyard dreams into reality:

  • Acid Stain. Concrete, together with an acid wash that can create beautiful and unique patterns and finishes. This technique can be used to help concrete mimic natural stone and wood finishes as well.
  • Broom Finish. Running a broom through wet cement yields this popular and simple finish. It also provides increased grip when walking across concrete after it has rained.
  • Exposed Aggregate. Concrete is full of various natural stone aggregates. This finish exposes them by removing the top layer of concrete using a pressure washer.
  • Float and Trowel. The surface of the concrete is swept through using floats and trowels to create swirls and arcs. The pattern is a varied one that works well in many different situations.
  • Salt Finish. Salt crystals, first embedded in wet concrete and then dissolved after the concrete has hardened, yield an interesting and unique finish.
  • Stamped Concrete. Combining design, color, and pattern to create something truly eye-catching, this concrete finish is a particularly show-stopping one.

Prater Concrete is happy to offer our clients expert installation and customization of concrete. When you need to install or upgrade your patio covers or arbors in the North Dallas / Fort Worth Texas area, reach out to us for more information and a complimentary on-site estimate.